Video Templates

The following videos are examples of the sort of work we would like to publish in Math In Action: 

     Click here to view the extended abstract

We encourage creativity of any kind, but please consider the following guidelines when creating your videos:

- Your video must be between eight and fifteen minutes.

- Your video must be of sufficient quality that all figures and expressions are clearly visible.

- Please rehearse your script and edit your video such that there isn’t an excess of pauses, ums and uhs

- Provide brief definitions of all key terms used that an undergraduate may not already understand.

- Include some kind of visual component as opposed to just talking to the camera, even if it’s just writing on a chalkboard.  We encourage you to be creative!  Nothing is off limits!

- Your video is allowed to be fun!  Make us laugh!  Math In Action is all about sharing!

- Remember to include an abstract with your submission as a PDF, Word or RTF file.  For more information about abstracts, click here.  For more information about writing in mathematics, click here.